Wombat Valley


Enzo comes from Italy to visit his friend Coen. When Enzo accidentally drops his camera into a burrow, the boys get chased all over Wombat Valley by a grumpy wombat. It’s only when Mum downloads Enzo’s photos from inside the burrow, that the reason for the wombat’s behaviour is discovered.

Phonics overview (see Teacher Resources page for more details):

  • Builds on knowledge gained from Reading Road 3 and Reading Road 4 (simple code, complex code, 46 alternate graphemes)
  • Introduction of 24 new alternate graphemes for known phonemes
  • Inside front cover focuses on some of the alternate graphemes and gives focus words for the book
  • Inside back cover gives suggested discussion points for after reading
  • Reinforcement and consolidation of phonics knowledge learnt in the Sunshine Phonics Decodables programme
  • All new, modern characters and story themes that upper primary age students can relate to
  • Full-colour age-appropriate illustrations
  • 28 pages
  • 148mm x 210mm
  • Free teaching notes and student worksheets available from the Teacher Resources page