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Clare Scott

Maybe I was born with too many words.Way back last century, I was ‘that kid’ – always in trouble at school for talking too much. The teachers even tried sticky-taping my mouth shut so I’d listen more and talk less.

It didn’t work. Instead, my brain exploded and all the words fell out of my ears and nostrils. It was a bit messy at the time, but I’m fine now! Since then I’ve tried lots of “wordy” things, but writing’s the best!

My imagination can be pretty weird (useful for a writer!) and I get lots of story ideas by being a nosy person – looking, listening and wondering, “What if?” Often I think of awesome stories when I’m almost asleep. I write them down in the dark but can’t read my scribble in the morning. I must get a spy gadget to fix that!

I‘m lucky to have had lots of books published with Sunshine. Some have even been translated into other languages. I often write in rhyme or about animals.

Until recently, I helped young immigrant students learn more about living in our country. But now I’ve run away to my new home by the beach! I spend time with my people and my pooch, and mess around with words whenever I want. I can daydream while looking for treasures, shells, clouds, sunsets, rainbows, or stories.

Sometimes I even write in the sand!

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