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Sunshine Phonics Decodables Assessment Kit

Welcome to the Sunshine Phonics Decodables Assessment Kit. We recognise that assessment is a key part of tracking students’ competence and progress in their reading journey. Assessment can take many forms and our Kit has a range of tools that assess five different areas. The Kit also contains two optional Tracker Spreadsheets (Excel format). The Trackers can be used to record assessment results from either Series 1 or Series 2, and to monitor students’ progress.

The Kit contains the following five assessments. Download the instruction sheet for more information on the assessments and when to use them.

Screening Tests – quickly screen students to place them at the correct stage of the Sunshine Decodables series.

Phonics Assessment – comprehensive tests to assess students’ understanding of new phonemes and graphemes, ability to segment and blend decodable words and to read tricky words.

Assessment of Reading Accuracy – unseen texts to assess students’ reading accuracy (this is packaged together with Comprehension below).

Comprehension Assessment – questions on the unseen texts (packaged with Reading Accuracy above).

Encoding Assessment – assesses students’ writing and spelling of dictated words and sentences.

Click the images below to go to the assessment that you wish to download and use.

Screening Tests
Phonics Assessment
Assessment of Reading Accuracy & Comprehension Assessment
Encoding Assessment
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