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An effective literacy programme delivered digitally!

Sunshine Digital is available FREE* to primary schools with a grant from the Pye Foundation

Real Literacy Programmes Delivered Digitally!
Sunshine now offers every school a complete digital literacy solution that will excite your teachers, engage your students and impress their parents too!

To apply for Sunshine Digital, please click the link below to request a form!
*New Zealand schools only!

The programme is available as managed or non-managed. Managed allows you to set up classes, teachers and students. Students can save their work for teachers to view later. Non-managed is one user name and password for all students and teachers to use and does not allow the student to save their work. Non-managed accounts can be changed to a managed account at any time. Our programme offers teachers 900 carefully levelled e-books and over 2000 interactive activities for whole class teaching using an interactive whiteboard – perfect for shared reading in literacy and for tuning into maths concepts in the numeracy block. It is also designed for small group teaching and individualised learning using classroom computers, iPads or Android devices. The programme’s flexibility allows it to be used in all parts of your literacy and numeracy programme.
  • Over 900 e-books (Levels 1-30+)
  • There are 24 Letter Combination and 32 Word Family e-books for early readers.
  • 26 Alphabet e-books
  • 91 e-books covering 22 levels introduce mathematics within the context of engaging stories
  • Over 2000 interactive activities focusing on phonics and words, comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, fluency and writing
  • For use on all devices
  • Choose between a single user login, managed individual student login or parent account.


Sunshine Online includes a great selection of highly engaging texts by different authors, they offer narration and text highlighting to support the reader. Each e-book is followed by interactive activities.


The non-fiction e-books feature high-interest and age-appropriate topics. Some of the text include video. Many of the texts are ideal for inquiry-based learning and support STEAM education.


Sunshine Online includes fun, interactive activities that explore a wide range of skills. As the program develops, many of the activities become more open-ended, allowing students to demonstrate their understanding of the text in creative ways.


The Staffroom section provides teaching support resources. These include teaching notes, activity sheets, curriculum-linking documents, Skill Overview Charts etc.


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