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Marilyn D. Anderson

Hello from Omaha, Nebraska, in the middle of the USA.

My name is Marilyn D. Anderson. “Anderson” is a very common name around here, so I want people to remember the “D”.

I was raised on a dairy farm in Minnesota where I was an only child for many years. I loved all animals, especially horses. When I got lonesome, I would go out to the pasture and tell stories to the animals. I also love music and after college, I taught bands and choirs in several different states.

About 30 years ago I started writing books for kids aged 5-15. Some of those older stories are now only available as ebooks. I also wrote plays for children and magazine articles about writing for children.

In my spare time I bought young horses that were not well cared for and trained them as show horses. Because I’m a horse nut, many of my books have something to do with horses such as my Sunshine book Horseshoes.

Now days my favourite thing to do is travel and learn at least one new thing every day. Then I share what I learn with others. I’m so happy that the people who make Sunshine books also like to learn new things and make beautiful books about them.

I hope your students like to learn new things, too, and keep their eyes and ears open wherever they go.

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