Pie in the sky


A graphic novel. Dad has made meat pie for dinner but before Patty and Bill can eat it, the pie flies out of the window. The family chase it to the local sports ground where it seems that everyone’s dinner is hovering in the air. After they finally eat their pies, dessert pies appear in the sky too, along with a cloud of cream that rains down onto them.

Phonics overview (see Teacher Resources page for more details):

  • Reading Road 3 books include simple code, complex code, plus 27 alternate graphemes for known phonemes are introduced
  • Inside front cover focuses on some of the alternate graphemes and gives focus words for the book
  • Inside back cover gives suggested discussion points for after reading
  • Fully decodable text (with some tricky words)
  • Reinforcement and consolidation of phonics knowledge learnt in the Sunshine Phonics Decodables programme
  • All new, modern characters and story themes that upper primary age students can relate to
  • Full-colour age-appropriate illustrations
  • 28 pages
  • 148mm x 210mm
  • Free teaching notes and student worksheets available from the Teacher Resources page