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Supporting Teachers

Many teachers have questions about the theory behind structured literacy and others are looking for guidance on how best to approach teaching using this approach. Our 1-Day Professional Learning Workshop “Cracking the alphabetic code! Read, write and spell with mastery. Implementing a systematic, synthetic phonics approach” provides educators with the theoretical pedagogy and understanding of the Science of Reading and the Science of Learning and the practical implementation of this in Year 1-3 classrooms.

Our presenter is Jude Tabuteau
Jude is a passionate junior teacher with a career spanning over 20 years. She has worked as a mentor teacher and team leader and is currently Literacy Curriculum Lead for her school. She has a particular interest in Literacy Intervention, so in addition to her work in the classroom, she is undertaking LMIT training in 2024.

Jude’s most exciting and rewarding challenge has been leading her school’s transition to a whole school structured literacy approach. Running professional development sessions for staff, school whanau, and other educators across her Kahui Ako has enabled Jude to share her learning with others to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Science of Reading and evidenced-based practice. Developing a systematic, explicit approach to teaching literacy has transformed Jude’s classroom and positively impacted those she teaches.

It has been wonderful for Jude to help so many children crack the alphabetic code and through doing so learn to read and write with greater confidence.

The Workshop covers:

  • A theoretical look at the evidence base supporting a systematic structured literacy approach
  • The Sunshine Phonics Scope and Sequence for reading, writing and spelling.
  • Examples of practical and explicit classroom teaching
  • Why and how to use decodable books
  • Initial screening and ongoing assessment of students


Read what attendees have been saying about our professional learning workshop

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Highlights of the day were "Getting to have a dedicated time to process and ask questions, make notes and really think about how I am going with using the Sunshine programme and what I can do better/change/tweak. Seeing others that are invested in literacy in NZ, networking with them and hearing their perspectives. Going with my colleagues so we have a shared understanding and purpose. Talking about the challenges and barriers to S/L and how to overcome them, lessen or work around things outside of our control. Knowing that things are moving forward, literacy is a focus for other educators and that this is important! "
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Highlights of the day were "The science of reading and just hearing the why again. Looking at the difference between a balanced approach [level 1 book] and a decodable [level 1 book] was also an 'aha' moment."
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Highlights of the day were "Learning from Jude, who is a current teacher of what she was explaining, was invaluable. She was so knowledgeable and great at presenting in an engaging way. There were too many highlights!"
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Highlights of the day were "The succinct manner of delivery. Quality of resources and having a teacher speak monologue that we all understood because we speak the same language. The implementation of the program through the exercise book sheets. So you could begin teaching it the following day if you had the resources."
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"Perfect - best PLD I’ve received in such a long time. Mantra - For teachers by teachers. Resounding Yes from me. Jude kept relating to her own kids in class just yesterday. Teachers respect that. I have already advocated for some of our teachers to attend."
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"This was a workshop/course that covered so much but at a pace and space that was clear and not overwhelming. The fact that it was FREE was so good for us schools that have no money at all."
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"I would whole-heartedly recommend this course to others. It is a comprehensive guide to how you can implement an effective programme using the Sunshine scope and sequence and products. Our whole junior team attended and have come away inspired and ready to make changes next term. We are very grateful for the opportunity!"
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