Decodables Complete Single Pack

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Series 1 (Sets 1–7) 1 x 70 titles
Series 2 (Sets 1–11) 1 x 110 titles
Five Teachers’ Books 1 x 5 titles
Sound Cards 1 x complete set
Word Cards 1 x complete set

This complete resource single pack includes the following:

  • 180 enjoyable texts, both fiction and non-fiction, all fully decodable (one copy of each). Series 1 and Series 2 are parallel programmes which can be taught independently or in parallel.
  • Five Teachers’ Books provide sample lessons for every text, along with student activity sheets and Word Banks (one copy of each).
  • Sound Cards – 140 double-sided illustrated flashcards teach grapheme-phoneme correspondences. One card is provided for every phoneme and alternate grapheme in the programme. (One complete set.)
  • Word Cards – 800 double-sided flashcards feature decodable words from the programme with sound button support to help decoding. (One complete set.)