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Next Steps/Team Turbo

A series of easy-to-read books for fluent readers

36 new chapter books – Levels 17-27

The 36 stories in Next Steps/Team Turbo are written around a group of children, their pets and their seaside community. The books provide the right support to help students read chapter books with confidence.

  • 40 pages with full-colour illustrations
  • Levels 17–27
  • Familiar plot structures with experiences that students can relate to
  • Recurring characters who students can identify with
  • Short chapters to maintain reader interest
  • Maps, raps and glossaries
  • A different text type for each book
  • Comprehensive Teaching Notes that focus on reading strategies, comprehension, fluency and genre.
  • Worksheets to support the learning
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Next Steps Series 1 - Levels 17-24

Next Steps Series 2 - Levels 17-27

Next Steps Series 1 - Levels 17-24

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Next Steps Series 2 - Levels 17-27


The adventures of Team Turbo fill all 36 of the books in this series. They present a valuable resource for students moving on to chapter books. 


These are based on a three-day teaching plan with a focus on a reading strategy. There are vocabulary activities, a fluency focus on the rap at the back of the book and the text type. 


Students are introduced to different text types including persuasive, report, recount, narrative, explanation, instruction and transactional.

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