Decodables Series 1 Set 6, 1 x 10 Titles


Alternative Graphemes
High-frequency Words: look, saw, make, day, very, by, don’t, students, looked, made New
Tricky Words: come, what, people, put, could, some, when, like, here, called, were, asked

  • Titles in these sets have 20 pages, including four pages of teaching notes and flashcard
  • Decodable vocabulary with some high-frequency words
  • Enjoyable stories
  • Systematic progression for learning the sounds (phonemes) and the letter/s that represent them (graphemes).
  • Full-colour illustrations to support meaning
  • Teaching notes included in each book


  • Philippa and the dolphin
  • Jake bakes a cake
  • From Granny to Evie
  • Shy Arthur
  • Leo and Joe
  • Andrew and Sue make a kite
  • Paul and Saul and the awful creepy-crawly
  • Bernard and Ernesta
  • Bounding with Bounder
  • Roy’s new toy boat