Thank you Pye Foundation

Dear Dame Wendy Pye
On behalf of the children and staff at New Brighton Catholic School I would like to thank you for your generous donation of Sunshine readers for the junior school. The children are enjoying having lovely new books to read and they have certainly extended our choice of books for the children’s learning. Your support has made a huge difference to our reading resources.

Thank you again

Kind regards
Deb Daines

Good morning,

On behalf of everyone at Windsor North School I would like to thank the Pye Foundation for the collection of books that were sent to our school recently. They are just superb and very much appreciated by the teachers and children. Your support is really valued by the Education community.

To all concerned have a very Merry Xmas and all the best for 2018

Regards and many thanks

Andrew Smith
Windsor North School

To Dame Wendy Pye,
Gordonton School would like to thank you very much for the very generous number of readers you sent to us recently.
They are much appreciated and will be a valuable addition to our resources.

Mary McNair
Deputy Principal

Gordonton School

I would appreciate it if our VERY LARGE VOTE OF THANKS could be passed onto the Pye foundation for the amazing books they sent to our school.
Kindest regards

Ann Waddell
Office Manager
Kairanga School

I just wanted to let you know that we have found the books that were sent under the admin assistants desk!!

Thank you so much and also a huge thank you to the Pye Foundation for the grant to cover the costs of these books. We are on such a limited budget and we are really trying to enhance the literacy skills of our students (all special needs) and any extra help we can get with readers is always appreciated!

Thank you again.
Jenny Gosney
Te Rito Harakeke – Rolleston College

I just wanted to stop and take time to thank the Pye Foundation for the complimentary readers.  They are delightful stories and the students love them.

Our school is also very thankful to have free access to the online Classic Library. Several classes are using them as a reading resource during class time while others are using them as a home learning resource.  The students love being able to tape themselves reading.

Thanks to everyone involved in this project.

Nga mihi nui
Teressa Hosie
Mapua School

Sandy – our students love your gorgeous books and have sent you these notes!

Lynne Handcock

To Whom it May Concern

On behalf of our school Junior Syndicate I would like to express our humble thanks at the generosity of the Pye Foundation with Sunshine Books in supporting this grant.  We were surprised and delighted when all these fantastic reading books arrived in our school.  We never expected so many books and the variety of stories!

When we have finished taping and stamping the books I know the children who will be fortunate enough to read these texts will be very excited.  It is so nice when children are presented with new books to read, as it keeps fuelling their enthusiasm for books, reading and stories.  They treasure new books and always take special care of them.

I would be grateful if you could pass on our appreciation to the Pye Foundation for their generosity in making this grant happen.

Warm regards
Helen Fallow
Associate Principal
Donovan Primary

To Whom It May Concern.

On behalf of Northern Health School, Auckland Central Unit, North Shore Unit and Starship Hospital Unit, a HUGE thank you for the wonderful readers we have received!
It is greatly appreciated and you can be assured that the readers from the new collection will reach the hands of many of the students that pass through our doors and who are visited in their homes.
Please pass on our most humble thanks to the Pye Foundation. What marvelous work you do!

Kind regards,
Suzie Thomson
(on behalf of all our teachers)

Good afternoon.
I have spent a wonderful morning opening up and looking at our wonderful new Sunshine Starters reading books, kindly gifted to us from the PYE Foundation grant.
The books are beautiful and will be such an addition to our reading resources for children here at Fendalton school.
Thank you so, so much. to everyone involved.
Kind regards
Desna Wallace   (Librarian)
Fendalton Open-Air School

Hello Sandy and the Pye Foundation! Hello, Hello! 

Anyways, we’re all here to thank you for sending us FREE BOOKS!!! Yeah! As a kid who LOVE’S books (I read chapter books) I need to thank you NO MATTER WHAT (even If you break my heart)!!! Also thank you for giving them to us FOR FREE!!! AND also thank you because they’re new and not old with pages ripped out and a squashed orange in one of them (I’m not sure about “the squashed orange” thing to be honest). Anyways all of us will ALWAYS read those books and we’ll NEVER throw them out (only if they get wrecked by the SQUASHED ORANGE!!!!!!!). Anyway we hope you send us MORE books and here’s the last thing to say…

Can you send ME some books???

From Christopher

Dear Dame Wendy Pye

I am writing in appreciation of your generous gist of Sunshine books. We here at Addington T Kura Taumatua are positive that this will assist our children to enjoy reading and become successful readers.

As a junior school our team of children use the Sunshine Classics to further assist them with their reading development and enjoyment of books. The children thoroughly enjoy the additional mileage they are getting using the programme which specifically targets their level of achievement.

We also look forward to future endeavours with you and your team.

Katy Craib
Ngahere Team Leader  
Addington School  -Te Kura Taumatua        

Dear Dame Wendy Pye and Foundation Members,

We are extremely grateful for the receipt of level 6-8 readers. The cost of providing attractive little readers to inspire reading is a huge part of our school budget and sometimes we can only afford to replace damaged stock, so the injection of lovely new books is much appreciated. The Sunshine Classics online looks interesting and I’m sure some teachers will take advantage of this in the coming months.

Many thanks for your generous gift.

Kind Regards,
Fran Allott
Mt Maunganui Primary School

Hi,  can you pass on San Antonio Schools sincerest thanks for the generous donation of the collection of Sunshine books recently received.  They are lovely and a great addition to our reading collection for the students at the school.  Generous donations like this make a huge difference to a small school like ours with limited resources.

Thanks again.
Kind regards
Annemarie Miller
Office Manager
San Antonio School

We have received our grant of Sunshine books and they are in our system and in use already.
THANK YOU very much for this great resource!!

Gabrielle Barnett
Rongotea School.

Dear Dame Wendy,

Thank you so much for your generous gift of Sunshine books to our school.
They are greatly appreciated and needed for our children to enhance the development of their reading skills and love for stories.
May God bless your day,

Karin Saifoloi
Assistant Principal
South Auckland SDA School

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for the latest lot of sunshine books gifted to our school. Six classes using the online programme have benefited and the children are delighted to have books to read during SSR or Library time at the level that they can enjoy. We love the programme. Regards. Heather Murray
Heather Murray
Class Teacher and Learning Support Role

Pukekohe Hill School

Hi Sandy and Wendy
I would like to thank you on behalf of Haast School..We are the farthest school down the West Coast of the South Island. We have no cell cover and are 2 hours from the nearest school but pride ourselves on great readers and an awesome environment. We have 13 students, including three juniors with special learning needs. The new books are perfect- current, real and entertaining. Thank you so much!

Michelle Green
Haast School


Thank you so much for the large book of Level6-8 reading books you sent us. Your continues generosity to schools is amazing. These fantastic books will be well used and much loved by our students. And they will continue to improve the reading progress and outcomes for our students.
We are so very grateful for your continued support of NZ students.

Deborah Norris,
Deputy Principal,
St. Theresa’s Catholic School