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Sunshine Classics

Child Centred Stories

Sunshine Classics

The stories in Sunshine Classics appeal to children because they come from the child’s experience and view of the world. Children relate to the stories and the characters and they actively engage with the story.

Loveable Characters

Sunshine Classics

Along with fun storylines, Sunshine Classics feature many loveable characters such as Huggles, Sloppy Tiger and Mr Whisper. Children relate to the situations these characters find themselves in and enjoy the use of humour.

Renowned Authors


Sunshine Classics have been written by popular children’s authors such as Joy Cowley and Jill Eggleton. These authors know how to write stories for beginning readers to provide just the right amount of support and challenge.

Carefully Crafted


All elements of these texts, such as the introduction and repetition of high-frequency words, illustration and text matching, sentence construction and line breaks, are all carefully designed to make learning to read successful for all children.

These printed books mirror the e-books on the Sunshine Classics online program.

Levels 1-30

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in a Digital Format

The Sunshine Classics digital program features titles that are tried and tested! These books have been used for many years to teach children all around the world to read and to develop a love of reading. The continuing success of this series is due to:

• Storylines that appeal to students and include humour and lovable characters
• Books written by renowned children’s authors such as Joy Cowley, Jill Eggleton and Margaret Mahy
• Carefully levelled texts with gradual introduction of new vocabulary
• The right balance of support and challenge needed for beginning readers

Sunshine Classics is also available as an iPad App

Did you know that Sunshine Classics is also available as an iPad App.  Now you can also have all the wonderful books at your fingertips when you purchase the Sunshine Classics digital edition.