All your favourite books in a digital format!

Your school could be enjoying Sunshine Classics every day with a grant from the Pye Foundation.

Thousands of teachers and students log in every day on their iPads and laptops to enjoys the text and online activities. Simply click the link below and apply today or email:  foundation_grant@sunshineclassics.co.nz

Note: New Zealand schools only


The e-books

The new e-books include a range of special features that make them perfect for use on iPads, interactive whiteboards and classroom computers.

Text highlighting – word by word at emergent levels and then sentence by sentence

Audio support – students can choose to have text read to them and can also hear individual words or sentences

310 titles covering reading levels 1-30

High-frequency words focus for each text

Text animation tools such as highlighter and text boxes

Interactive Activities

Each e-book is followed by three interactive activities that explore phonics and words, comprehension and fluency.

Phonics and Words:  Activities include learning about the letters of the alphabet, letter blends, word families, rhyming words and high-frequency words.

Comprehension:  Activities include matching words or sentences to pictures, sentence building, story sequencing, cloze and quizzes.

Fluency:  Students can record themselves reading the text and play this back.

Writing:  Students respond to their reading in a variety of creative ways through writing.

Student Tracking and Administration Option

Schools can choose to have a single username and password for Sunshine Classics or they can choose to use the administration and student tracking facility which provides each student with their own log in details.

The individual login for each student allows teachers to:

  • Create and edit student profiles.
  • Create and edit reading groups.
  • Allocate texts to individuals and groups for guided, independent or home reading.

For Student Tracking and Assessment, teachers will have the following valuable data:

  • E-books students have opened and the time spent reading them.
  • Activities completed and the results.
  • Recordings of students reading the text to listen to and printable Reading Record Sheets.
  • Students’ reading history.