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Samantha Montgomerie

Samantha sent in manuscripts for our Sunshine Starters levels 6–8. What a talented writer! We have since published nine of her manuscripts including Flamingoes Everywhere! This book will be in our Levels 9–11 stage in schools in September.

“I have loved reading and writing for as long as I can remember. As a young girl I would read for hours, hiding with a torch under the blankets. A good book always made it so hard to do something as boring as sleeping!

What I love most about writing is making time to think about all the wonderful things that could happen. I like to ask “what if” and daydream story ideas. For example, on a recent trip to the zoo I saw a flock of flamingoes standing on one leg. They are such beautiful, unusual birds!  I thought, “What if you were to come home and find a flamingo in your house?  Or several bouncing on your bed? Or having a tea party at your table?”

I also love playing with the sounds of words. I like the way they can rhyme or create a rhythm. I like how they can capture a sound or make a reader feel a certain way. I can spend a long time finding the perfect word for a story!

If you would like to be a writer, write as much as you can! Write about what you love. Be brave with your writing. Share it with others. Try new things. And all good writers are great readers – so keep reading.”